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The origin and history of surnames

Family names are derived from job titles, from the first name of the father or mother, Properties, of origin or cultural groups.

Wikipedia writes:

In the 9. Century was contriving a family name inherited theals in Venice. This custom spread from there in 10. Century northern Italy and southern France from. In the 11. Century came the use to Catalonia and northern France, in the 12. Century England and in the territory of Switzerland. Thereafter, the use of a fixed family name in the West- and southern cities usually.

Beginning of the 15. Century surnames were repeated throughout the German-speaking, but not consistently. Also, the family could still change, For example, if you are leaving, or because of new employment. While the nobility in the years since the heritability of fiefs 1037 fixed family names was, to make his claims to the inheritance claim can, later followed the patricians and burghers. Rural areas were without a permanent family name to 17. or 18. Century, in Friesland, he was only in the 19. Century, introduced by law.



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