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The descendants of the geographer Gerhard Mercator (1512-1594)

Gerhard Mercator (Gerard de Kremer actually, latinized: Gerardus Mercator = Gerhard Kramer) was a mathematician begandeter, Geographer, Philosopher, Theologian and cartographer, which was regarded as far back as Ptolemy of his time.

Mercator married to lions in early August 1535 Barbara Schellekens. They were given 6 All the children before 1552 are born. There were three sons of: Arnold, Bartholomew and Rumold. The three daughters were: Emerentia or Emerentiana, Dorothea and Catherine. That children are born in this order is almost certainly.

In 1552 moved the whole family of lions to Duisburg on; auch die verwitwete Mutter von Barbara schloss sich an und lebte in Duisburg bis nach 1567. In 1558 Mercator bought and located on the upper road large estate – Here he lived until his death on 2.12.1594. His wife had him after fifty years of marriage on 24.8.1586 preceded by. A few months later, he married Gertrude quadruple, the widow of his friend Duisburg councilman and mayor Ambrose Moer. She died on 18. October 1599.

The eldest son Arnold came on 31. August 1536 on the world. His main job was as a surveyor and cartographer. On behalf of the Archbishop of Trier, he made 1567 Vermseeung to own a map of the Upper- and low-pin to. 1570 He presented on behalf of the council a large map of the city of Cologne in watercolors ago. Then he made in the following years, an engraving on 16 Plates. This stitch is obtained in a single specimen remained. 1584 before he took a survey of the county Katzenelnbogen. In 1586 He went down because the Hessian country to measure.

In 1572 Arnold has been citizen and alderman of Duisburg and a 24 year old married to Elisabeth, the daughter of the famous rector of the Düsseldorf School John Monheim. His wife gave him 13 Children (9 Boys and 4 Girl) Reported are the only sons of John, Gerhard and Michael. His wife died on 17.8.1591

Emerentia was probably the end of 1538 or early 1539 born. They married in January 1560 the friend of her father John Molanus (Johannes van der Molen)

Bartholomew the second son of the geographer was granted only a short life. He was 1540 born and died in 1568. The second daughter, Dorothea (sometimes Theodora) must 1541 be born. She married about 30 Years old, 1572 the merchant from Antwerp Six Alard. Who was then a widower with two sons from his first marriage: Jacob and Alard, Born in Frankfurt. Jacob's first wife was named Rachel le Bruin, his second wife he was married to Elizabeth Labart (or Babart) She died between 1621 and 1623 almost simultaneously with him. The oldest daughter, Barbara married at Six 9.8.1594 Steffen Wisman from Antwerp. Both died 1615 in Frankfurt. The second daughter Sara married in Six 1595 Marc Anton Baclier.

Rumold was to 1547 born. He devoted himself to the bookstore and went to the heirs of the Cologne bookseller and publisher Arnold Birckmann (in the publishing and the cosmography of his brother Bartholomew 1563 and the chronology of his father 1569 appeared) He was married to a daughter of his stepmother, Gertrude quadruplet of the past and Mayor Ambrose Moer. At his death he left minor children. The third daughter Catherine, was the wife of Theodore Verhaar.


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