Seal of medieval Poland, Lithuania, Silesia, Pomerania and Prussia

A contribution to the promotion of diplomatic, genealogical, numismatic and art-historical studies of Slavic originally part of the Prussian monarchy, with historical notes and a detailed description of each seal.

The work begins with the seal of Duke Leszek the Wise, which 1194 upon the death of his father, Kazimierz the righteous even in childhood was. In this book we find the descriptions and seal of Duke Conrad of Mazovia, König Przemyslaw II., the Queen of Poland Richeza.

She was the daughter of Count Palatine of the Rhine's Ezo (+ 1035) and Mechthild (+1024) Sister of the Emperor Otto III. When the emperor in the year 1000 Boleslaw the Great of Poland in Gniezno, paid a visit, to the engagement of his niece Richeza have taken place.

From the contents:

Table 1 Tafel bus 15 = Poland
Table 16 and 17 Mazovia
Table 18 = Kujawy Pomerania
Table 19 = Silesia
Table 20 = Pomerania
Table 21 = Pomerellen
Table 22 to 25 = Lithuania


Vossberg, Frederick A.: Seal of the Middle Ages from Poland, Lithuania, Silesia, Pomerania and Prussia, Berlin: Fred Unger 1854 (Download)

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