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Margaret of Parma, Regent of the Netherlands

Just south of Ghent, the town of Oudenaarde, known by the victory, here the 1708 Marlborough and Prince Eugene won over the French. Symbol a mighty castle, the 1385 was built by Philip the Bold. Emperor Charles V. was accompanied here by his court, and pitched his ministers in the war against the French in his Headquarters. So important in political terms, his stay was, but he found leisure to begin a love affair. It is, here it recognized for the first time the passion for a woman.

In the castle he met a young girl, eine Magd damaligen of Governors. Her name was Johanna van der Gheynst and was the eldest child of Teppichwirkers Gilles van der Gheynst and his wife Johanna. The pretty child liked the mighty emperor and the fruit of this volatile compound Johanna gave birth in the summer of the following year (27. July 1522) a girl, that in baptism was given the name Margaret.

A bastard child of the emperor with a low servant was thus their origin to the woman who was later appointed to, to direct the fate of their homeland under their reign, the secession of the northern Netherlands began by the Habsburgs. Feminine delicacy and genuine nobility were not their own and their descendants remembered unwillingly to this obscure origins. To conceal the truth invented biographer and eulogist of a romantic fairytale, the two centuries was. By the loquacity of a maid came out and everything Karl meted out to his daughter, a princely education.

From the outset, recognized Charlemagne as his daughter Margaretha. But not his father's love was crucial for, but considerations of a political nature. In that age of dynastic interest politics were family connections among the safest means, between two dynasties establish a Community. The mother was of by a small annual pension 80 Gulden resigned, the later 300 Gulden was increased.

She later married a very old nobility of Brabant, in the 1539 Extraordinary and 1549 ordinary Council in Brabant Chamber of Accounts and was only 1572 died, after him his wife, more than 30 Years earlier (15.December 1541) was preceded in death. From this union came two sons and two daughters (who took the veil) One brother was imprisoned for his bad behavior and her several crimes. Margaret was from 1531 at the court of her aunt the Hungarian Queen Mother and Regent of the Netherlands in Brussels and trained in first marriage 1536 Alessando de Medici married to his second wife, and Ottavio Farnese. When her half-brother Philip II. 1559 the governorship of the Netherlands gave, he appointed as his successor Margaret…


Rachfahl Felix: published by the editors of the historical magazine, Printed and published by R. Oldenbourg: Munich and Leipzig 1898 (Download in the Russian National Library)

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