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The commercial building by August Rambow

August was Rambow 1856 in Peckatel (Plate) born and went to finishing school as a clerk to the clerk Runge, who had a shop in Schwerin at Great Moor. His desire to make his own business he set 1879 with the purchase of the property and loading of Henry Ruckick to. Rambow planted here 1880 the opening of a pub, a request was rejected. The mayor Rieckhoff, by the Office asked for an opinion, not endorsed this plan.

To 1882 He led this shop, Then he was offered the opportunity to Häuslerei 24 to take the ring road to the local shop. The existing land in the King Street he sold it to John dwarf associated with the express condition, that this one could run no longer trading. Also, his heirs or subsequent purchasers of the land was prohibited the establishment of a retail store with a threat of 3000,- Mark, In the event of a breach of contract.


Elisabeth Rambow (Wife of the baker and hotel owner Rieckhoff) was a sister of the merchant August Rambow. The following is written to it: “14 Years the couple lived together. 8 Births (including two stillbirths) survives the wife, although it suffers from a very sore in the neck. After the last birth, she gets high fever and dies 1893 in the 33. Years”. (See database)

(Those: Each, Schnoor, Cronik Alt Meteln)

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