Art- and historical monuments of the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg

Band 1: District court districts of Rostock, Ribnitz, Brawn-Marlow, Ticino, Laage, Gnoien, Dargun, Neukalen
Band 2: District Court Districts Wismar, Grevesmühlen, Rehna, Gadebusch and Schwerin
Band 3: District Court Districts Hagenow, Wittenburg, Boizenburg, Lübtheen, Dömitz, Grabow, Ludwigslust, Neustadt, Crivitz, Brüel, Warin, Neubukow, Kröpelin und Doberan (
Band 4
: District Court Districts Schwaan, Bützow, Sternberg, Güstrow, Krakow, Goldberg, Parchim, Lübz and Flaubert
Band 5: District Court Districts Teterow, Malchin, Stavenhagen, Penzlin, Goods, Malchow and Robel (


Close, Frederick, Art- and historical monuments of the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg, Commission for the Conservation of Monuments, Schwerin: Hofbuchdruckerei Bärensprung 1896-1902

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