History and monuments of the city of Tallinn to Sweden at the beginning of the reign

The history of Reval under the Swedish and Russian rule

  • Beginning of the Danish government (1219-1227)
  • The interregnum of the Sword and the Order establishing the City (1227-1238)
  • The other rule of the Danes to the beginning of the Order of Time (1238-1346)
  • Trade relations Reval's time to Danes
  • The internal state of the city of Tallinn

Reval during the rule of the Order (1346-1561)

  • The time to Plettenberg (1346-1494)
  • The time to Plettenberg until the occurrence of Swedish rule (1535-1561)
  • The trade relations Raval during the Order period
  • Cultural History….
  • Reval under the Russian rule


  • Eugene of Nottbeck: History and monuments of the city of Tallinn, Lfg. 1, The history of the city until the beginning of the Swedish rule, Castle- and fortification, Reval: Franz Kluge, 1896

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