History of the Lake Parish (Oberlausitz) Burgers vector in the Roth

The history of the parish lake forms the content of this publication. Were based on the oldest church book, it comprises the time of 1640 to 1745 with a total 493 Pages, the 2. Church of the book with the annual 1755 begins and 1799 concludes, the third of which is the time 1800 to 1839 and a fourth is starting 1840. For these and many religious messages and Schoepp Lehnbriefen books was the work.

In addition to geographic location and descriptions of the local lake, Sproitz and Moholz, is also the history of the manors and their owners told – what is considered genealogically very enlightening.

A chapter is devoted to the population with particularly high age, e.g.. “Barthol the old Buettner, died 1649 aged 100 Years” One chapter deals with people, were particularly drawn by destiny (Particularly common blindness) Deaths caused by fire, Gewaltverbrechen, Selbstmord und sonstige Unfälle.

Die Besitzer von See und Sproitz beginnen mit dem Junker Ullrich von Schof (1389), Dietrich of Lake (1398) Hans and by Nicol Belbitz (1451) Simon von Haugwitz (1482) Hans von Belwitz (1499) Christoph von Gersdorff (Beginning 16. Jh.) dessen Sohn Siegmund von Gersdorff, and other descendants, such as Hans Christoph von Gersdorff, Christoph Volkmar von Gersdorff (1646) Caspar Rudolph von Gersdorff, followed by members of the families of Metzradt and Nostitz, all provided with historical information.

In a first Moholz called ukundlich Kirstan de Moholz (1397-1408) aber auch hier ist es später die Familie von Gersdorff die lange Jahre als Besitzer genannt wird, at the same time (as above) of the Metzradt and Nostitz Jänkendorf.

The pastors of the parish are listed with valuable information on the person. The other chapters follow listings profession (Teacher, School Principal, Local judges, Mayor, Midwives, Managers and tenants, Forester, Mueller and arms chief)


Horter, J.T. : History of the parish in the lake districts Rothenburger, consisting of the towns of Lake, Sproitz and Moholz, Rothenburg O.L. undated




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