Wilhelm Gottlieb Soldan: History of the witch trials

Wilhelm Soldan (1803-1869) came from a family of scholars Hessian school teacher was at the ducal . Gymnasium in Gießen , where he worked until shortly before his death . Besides his official duties, he devoted himself with great zeal and success historical studies , whose results were published in a number of those more excellent works .

best known for his "story of the witches processes" , the today , almost half a century after its creation , general reputation among scholars delighted . (1. Auflage Stuttgart 1843. A second edition was prepared by Soldan's death by his son-in Heppenheim ; alone and he died before the completion of the revision , so that the new edition of his wife , Soldan's Tochter Henriette , had to be published . 2 Volumes 1880)

The work deals with large property - and source of success has been the sad phenomena of human superstition of sorcery and witchcraft, and for the first time establishes the standard view source , that this delusion was grown in the West from oriental sources . This view is justified by a wide reading in the sources and even with a general learning , as it has been rarely used on such a special object .

Even the remotest evidence the author has used , can say is and you , that despite the massive releases archival materials , that have appeared since the first edition of his work on this subject , yet he founded the conception of the subject today is the basis of further research and rebutted only in less important details, respectively . ergänzt be ist . (Text source: ADB)


Wilhelm Gottlieb Soldan, Heinrich Heppe and Max Bauer : History of the witch trials, Band 1, Munich: Miller, 1911
Wilhelm Gottlieb Soldan, Heinrich Heppe and Max Bauer : History of the witch trials, Band 2, Munich: Miller, 1911

Other literature:

Felix Reich : witch trials in Gdansk and in the West Prussian border areas , Munich: Hartle , 1940

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