Privy Councillor and bank director John Liesegang, Kiel

7775liesegangAt the 29. More 1836 was the superintendent and senior pastor Dr. Liesegang William by his second wife Caroline was born a son born Schweiger, John received the name of Karl Leberecht. Five siblings, including four brothers and one sister stood at the cradle. Among his patrons were the preachers Geissler, Rector Stappenbeck, Rector Bernau, Preacher and Mrs. Simon ways builder Fontane.

The suggestion of the President of the Board's main bank Ferdinand of Lamprecht, a relative of his father, It was thanks to John, that he was taken into the service of the Royal Bank.

And he was preparing for his career in the banking house in Berlin Engelhard, in the spring he 1854 entered, before. At the 12.4.1858 He then began his work as a laborer at the Prussian Bank. A few months later he passed his exams, and in October the same year he was transferred to Cologne, where he became 1. January 1862 an assistant in the accounting department received. From Cologne he was in 1862 transferred to the Royal Bank Institute in Dortmund, where he 5 Years remained.

Shortly after the annexation of Schleswig-Holstein, in Prussia, a bank should be built in Kiel. The leadership of this new agency was transferred Liesegang. It was in September 1867 keel offset by the Agency and opened the year 10.10.desselben. It was a very difficult task, he had to solve there, as a foreigner he was not exactly a warm welcome. Soon after taking office in Kiel, married John. The marriage took place on 26. More 1868 place in Dortmund. This marriage did 49 Years, but had no children.

At the 1. October 1872 Agency, the bank was raised to a dependent Bankkommandite and Liesegang, on the 22. December 1869 Become bank accountant was, to 1. Vorstandsbeamten derselben ernannt. Then, when the Prussian Bankkommandite on 1. January 1876 Reichsbank office was, They moved into their own newly built office building in the Fleethörn. Liesegang, and at the meantime to Bankrendaten 24. December 1875 was moved up to the Imperial Bank Director, here was a nice apartment in which he and his wife almost 30 Years lived.

The Kommandite in Altona was lifted and moved at the same time as the main place to hamburg. At the 1. July 1901 Kiel was finally Reichsbank main office and topped it Liesegang life's work; because it had not occurred, that a bank agency was moved up to head office. But even here difficulties arose in the way. Only at a dinner at the Chancellor Prince Hohenlohe, the happy decision fell under the influence of Count Posadowsky , had met the director of the Liesegang at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Kiel Canal. The Reichsbank main office Kiel were the Reichsbank branch Neumünster, Rendsburg, Heath and Eckernförde assumed. Bals out, at the 16. December 1901 was appointed Privy Councillor to the Liesegang.

The year on year, increasing traffic enough, the old commercial buildings are no longer permanently. And so a new building had to be built, on the 4. October 1905 in the presence of Prince Henry of Prussia and the President of the Reichsbank, Dr. Koch was inaugurated. The turnover had increased from 1.355.259 Mk. in 1867 and 13.911.820 Mk. in 1868 to 1.971.000.000 Mk. in 1904 increased. That in itself was Liesegang merit and excellence cooking duly recognized this in his opening address.

Through his long career and his prominent position in Kiel, he had become one of the best-known personalities. By His Majesty the Emperor on the occasion of his Liesegang golden jubilee service at 12. April 1908 The Royal Crown 2. Class with the number 50 granted, and shortly before his retirement he was awarded the Order of Red Eagle 2. Class with Oak Leaves. John Liesegang had 49 Years, the Masonic Lodge belongs. He reached the 7. Order level and was thus a member of the chapter. After prolonged suffering and yet completely unexpected was the 81 year old on the evening of 5. June 1917 accessed. At the 9. June was held at the South Cemetery of Wiesbaden, the cremation. Those: Association Journal of Liesegang. The detailed genealogy can be found in the database.