News of some families of the name of Boetticher

For all families with the name of Boetticher (Bötticher) or mutilation of the name is an ancestor to accept. The origin of a tribe is probably the Altmark. The seals in Magdeburg by the City Council represented by the same family crest as the Boetticher Grosswanzlebner villages Boetticher and Worms.

Demonstrably from Nordhausen are the Brunswick and Russian Boetticher. Whether the order 1400 Bishop Stephan living Boedeker of Brandenburg belongs to the family, can not be determined. Died at New Ruppin 1576 a Deputy Judge John Boetticher (He is Botcher, His son wrote Boeticher)

This John was probably the sons of the name Jonas, John, Daniel, Abraham Gregory and Zacharias. In the parish register of St. John is listed in Magdeburg, that at the 6. April 1722 the tailor Isaac Boetticher, his age 75 Years (also 1647 born) died at Magdeburg. The father of Isaac, Boetticher was a pastor in Brandenburg. Children in his father “Nordhusia Illustries” Hermann called Boetticher from Nordhausen, the 1549 became master of Leipzig, and soon afterwards rector in Annaberg.

A second Hermann Boetticher from Nordhausen is mentioned in the Eckstorm “Catalogus Alumnorum Walkenredensium”. Hermann was a rich but unbeamteter citizens of Nordhausen and married Elizabeth of Werther, a daughter of Hermann von Werther, and Barbara von Aachen. A son of this marriage, Peter Boetticher – studied in Leipzig law and then entered the service of Count Wolf von Hohenstein and Volkmar appears as the Chancellor 1553. Already on 24. October 1563 Max had the second, even as a Roman king of Pressburg, Peter Boetticher made this with all his descendants in the realm of nobility. Peter von Boetticher married Regina Ernst, the order of a 1450 came from Antwerp to Nordhausen immigrant family. The detailed genealogies can be found in the database…

Furthermore, there's a gentleman by the name of four council Cyriacus Boetticher, his son Nicholas first in Nordhausen, was then taught in Quedlinburg and Minden, 1652 As a student came to Wittenberg, there 1655 and Ph.D. 1672 is known as a court preacher and superintendent of the county of Stolberg.

Zacharias Boetticher from Groningen is without doubt, to the north line of houses (His son and descendants carry the name Justus. So he is a descendant of Peter von Boetticher and was married to Ilse Schliecken from Minden.


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Gothaisches Genealogical Handbook of Letter nobles houses. 1908: Bötticher (1563) Protestant. - Imperial nobility Bratislava 24. October. 1563 (Peter Bötticher, Gfl. hohenstein. Kzler, with presentation of the arms of his mother [by Werther] - In. (1563): In blue a silver bar, covered with a black greyhound with current goldeneingefaßtem red neck ties, below, accompanied by two silver arrows aufwärtsgeschrägten. On winning the silver helmets with blue-black wild dog blankets, a growing body of goldeneingefaßtem red neck ties.

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