Records of the family of Diezelsky

The original name was Dziecielski (derived from Specht) The sex Diezelsky now called, is from a from father to son orally transmitted story, of a Persian (Lost) descend, who had settled at the time of conversion of the Gentiles in the reign of Lauenburg and grown. His name is Dargooder (Polish Dargolewo) have been named. This Dargo fed on animal husbandry and hunting.

Dargo was a gentleman and had the emblem of a blue woodpecker on a tree branch or block in the yellow field, about the same a crowned helmet with a flying bird, holding in its beak a picture. After the Reformation, they were converted to Protestantism. The family was both in the Kingdom of Poland and in Pomerellen resident and wealthy.

Around the year 1630 lived John of Dziezielski (enrolled Ziegelske) Knight on his seat in Kantrzin. Son, John Michael was married to Sophia, born. von Dziezelski. Daughter Mary married an Alexander von Driva, Barbara Sophia was married to a Michael Selasinski on glimmer of wit.

Son and heir of James Ernst (*1715) Erb was- court and to Mr. Mersin and married to Sophie Theophala love of God Tauentzien. This marriage was 9 Children blessed (6 Sons and 3 Daughters) Son Johann Friedrich Ferdinand * 1746 was married to Juliane Ottilie Ulrike Holtzendorff *1765 (Daughter of Johann Friedrich von Holtzendorff and Elizabeth of Otterstedt)


Georg v. Diezelsky: Records of the family of Diezelsky, Lauenburg: Badengoth, 1912

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