Danziger Wappenwerk

The origin of the emblem is in the 12. Century back. In battle and tournament, occurred when the knight in armor and an iron with a closed visor, A need for a distinctive sign nnotwendig. First of a personal nature, soon as the badge of a certain family. The helmet was a characteristic design. Shield and helmet were so over time, the mating needs a coat of arms.

The oldest coat of arms were adopted by their makers autocratic, They were all simple and straightforward. Shield divisions, Bar, Piles, Squarings, Rafter, Crosses, Peaks are the so-called herald pieces, from those in the earliest times throughout the coat of arms were formed.

Certain rules of heraldic art were formed first in western Europe, where in 14. and 15. Century occurred primarily in the duchy of Burgundy, the herald of a place for art. Thus, the heraldic principles in the West- and Central European countries pretty much the same, although in the individual training of each country has its peculiarities.

Under Emperor Charles IV. come into the center of the 14. Century addition to the free coat of arms adopted for the first time before even coat ceremonies, then to the present day were common and were made by so-called crest or coat of arms confirmation letters.

The Danziger coat factory part 1 (State, Cities, Community- and circle arms) and stands as Download available. It was written by: Dr. Hubert Schwartz, Senator a. D.

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