Chronicle of the events of the year 1940

In dem Digitalisat können die Ereignisse des Jahres 1940 be read together as a calendar, especially to the military events, foreign policy events, all about party and state..Right, Economic and social life, sportliche Ereignisse und eine Übersicht der Verstorbenen des Jahres 1940

The issue begins with words of war propaganda:

By the September Campaign 1939 Poland was destroyed and the danger of a two-front war has been eliminated. During the Polish campaign had the world army stood ready to repel the enemy…

Mit großkotzigem Aufmacher erschienen in diesem Verlag weitere “Impact on books” the period 1933-1940 with the subtitle: ” Concise History of Becoming Greater Germany”


Bibliographical Institute Ltd.: Impact on over the year 1940, Leipzig 1940


Wikipedia the year 1940
Virtual Museum Online

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