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Occupation 1919-1930 Trier


The occupation of the Rhineland was the direct consequence of the abandonment of the struggle on the part of the army command and the subsequent cease-fire.

The collapse of Russia by the outbreak of the second revolution in November 1917, which the Bolsheviks were the rule, and the peace of Brest in March 1918 brought no tangible relief to the Western Front.

With the 11. November began the ebb of the German armies from the West. At the 13. the first closed meeting troop trains in Trier, There were the soldiers of the 3. Army of the Argonne. At the 15. met the first parts of the 5. Armee unter General von der Marwitz ein. Die Mannschaften wurden vorwiegend in Massenquartieren untergebracht, officers in the civil districts.

At the 1. December 1918 exceeded the vanguard of the allies and the Americans, the German border. Between the 4. and 10. December was the area occupied by the Cologne bridgehead of the British troops. The Belgians had to the northern part of the area of ​​Kleve, Krefeld, Neuss. The French moved right along with their three armies, the 8. Army entered Kaiserslautern, the 30. Wiesbaden, the 10. took their stand in Mainz.

Killings during the occupation:

6. June 1919: The tailor, Josef Weber of Trier is run over by an American truck
8. August 1919: An American shot William Gorres from Trier
27. More 1922: The child Martha Steffens, Trier, Kronprinzenstraße 12 is run over by a French car
13. March 1923: Nicholas Reuter, committed suicide in French captivity
21. March 1923: The student Agnes Schmitt of Trier is the victim of a traffic accident
1. June 1923: The gardener Martin Dietz was shot on the main market of William Reuter
3. June 1923: The Moroccan railway station kills Anton Eilenz
26. August 1923: Post conductor John Reuter is attacked and killed by Moroccans
23. September 1923: The separatist Gransdorf shoots Julius Tibo

During this time, 36 Registered cases of aggravated assault, 12 Cases of rape, 55 Cases of attempted rape of females, 13 Cases of rape and 19 Robberies.


Kentenich, Gottfried: Trier Trier and the country during the occupation 1919 – 1930 : 12 Years under the scourge of foreign domination, Trier: People's Friend 1930

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