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The Parcham Foundation


Henning Parcham, the 1552 Born 9. Child was married, no children. Shortly before his death, at the 16.2.1602 he called a foundation, under the name “Parcham'sche Stiftung” still has its validity. Parcham Henning was born in Treptow at the Rega, where his father performed the duties of the Mayor. 1597 He was alderman in Lübeck and was 1599 Embassy of the participants in the Hanseatic city of King Christian IV. of Denmark. After the early death of his widow Parchams Gesche remarried Lübeck Mayor Alexander[...]

United Foundation of families Schrader, Kalm and Vechelde


The Foundation established the testator Schrader has a long history. It all began with Mayor Henry Schrader. Its most 3.11.1584 opened Testament caused a long legal dispute, as it turned out, his seven children that he, or. their heirs had not considered equally. He preferred to Dr. Author Schrader and Schrader, the children of Henry Chamberlain and ordered it to his principal heir: “It is my will, that he was satisfied with it and it should be content, I like him at the[...]

Verwandtschaft selbst gebastelt

Elisabeth Timm untersucht Familienforschung seit dem 19. Century: Das Hobby so mancher Pensionisten, die sich als Ahnenforscher versuchen und in der Hoffnung auf eine adelige Herkunft Archive durchforsten, interpretiert Elisabeth Timm als genealogischen Raum und Traum der Moderne: Schon Sigmund Freud hat das Phänomen 1909 als Fantasie vonhöheren Eltern” described . Die Assistentin am Institut für Europäische Ethnologie der Universität Wien untersucht für ihre Habilitation Perspektiven der Genealogie vom 19. Jahrhundert bis zu Familienforschern heute. Anhand von historischen Quellen (Associations, Gesellschaften) und ethnografischen Methoden dokumentiert  [...]

Early years of the Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia

Sophie Dorothea of ​​Württemberg was the fourth of twelve children and the eldest daughter of Duke Frederick Eugene of Wurttemberg marriage with Sophia Dorothea Friederike of Brandenburg-Schwedt, She was born on 25. October 1759 to Szczecin. She was the sister of King Frederick I of Württemberg's first. and the great niece of Frederick the Great. At his request, and Catherine the Great, it came to engagement with the widowed Tsarevich Paul. The ceremony took place in Berlin on 23. July 1776. Ludwig von[...]

Franz von Sickingen

Born 1481 the son of Margaret and Schweickhardt of Sickingen by the High Castle, married to Hedwig of Flersheim, with which he 6 Children had… He was important as a supporter of the Reformation and as the leader of the Rhenish and Swabian knights. His influence was the saw to, dass Carlos I. Charles V of Spain as. German Emperor was.