Selected documents on the history of Württemberg

From the contents:

Inscription from the chapel of the castle Württemberg

Transfer of the imperial fief of the monastery Elfingen Maulbronn.

Peace treaty with King Rudolf, Count Eberhard the Illustrious.

Surrender of the city of Stuttgart to the imperial city of Esslingen.

Laying the pen Beutelsbach to Stuttgart.

Imperial charter of freedom for the city of Cannstatt.

Ceremony of the imperial storm flag to the counts of Württemberg.

Imperial confirmation of his own jurisdiction, Count Eberhard the Greiner.

Contract for the indivisibility Württemberg.

Imperial permission to raise the village to the city Laichingen.

Imperial charter of freedom for Graf Eberhard the Greiner, Heller's own beat.

Alliance of the Swabian Imperial Cities.

Marriage contract between Count Eberhard d. J. of Württemberg and Countess Henriette of Montbéliard.

Imperial charter of freedom, to establish a customs facility at Cannstatt.

Bull establishing the University of Tübingen and the contract Münsinger.

Accession of Count Eberhard von Württemberg, Swabian League for.

Letter to Duke, Count Eberhart the Bearded and Tübingen contract, Peace and Kaaden.

Prague Treaty and Treaty on European Union treaty between Duke Bernard of Weimar and Conrad Wiederhold about the festivals Hohentwiel.

The Regent board.

Edited by Eugene Schneider, Stuttgart : Kohlhammer, 1911 (Download)

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