Church History

The churches in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in pictures

Kirche Rambow

A commendable and worthy project of Bertold see Brinkmann, of a comprehensive collection of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern presented Churches. Several churches are in a region with beautiful interior- and exterior views summarized in Picture Series.

The abbot Gottfried Bessel (1672-1749)

Family Road Sign

The oldest family member was the grandfather of Abbot, Peter Bessel. The father, Johann Georg Bessel, should either Dröll in Silesia or about Erfurt. 1628 be born. The first version can be found 1656 in the posting Taufmatrikeln, where Johann Georg on Bessel 27. VII. as a godparent also named Johann Georg getaufen son is listed. (A detailed description of the family history with a detailed genealogy are included in this work) Johann Georg was born on 5. 9.1672, later known as Abbot Gottffried, got its name[...]

History of the Abbey of Prüm remote possessions, including in the Netherlands today and Picardy

The Prüm Abbey was on 23.6.721 and her son from Bertrada Charibert, is attested later as Count of Laon, based on their possessions on the Prüm. Original cartridge of the monastery were Mary, Petrus Paulus und, John and the Frankish Empire St. Martin. Several signs point to Echternach influence in the founding. About 30 Years did not hear anything more from this proprietary monastery, IHM bus Pippin 752 Fisheries in Moselgau gave. Is said in this document, that he had built the new monastery. At the 13. August 762  [...]

Elector covenant and kingship in the Hussite Wars

The Golden Bull of Charles IV. of 1356 confirmed the seven electors have the sole right to select the Roman king. A clear choice decision should be ensured for the future; Therefore the Imperial Act settled the secular electors determine the legitimacy of electoral house lines and the indivisibility of Kurlande, regulated the succession issues and took Rhenser determination of the majority principle. The outstanding position of the seven rich princely king voters, who found themselves apostrophized as columns and next members of the Empire, was supported in terms of their territorial sovereignty in the Kurlanden, Indem Charles IV.[...]

Baldwin of Luxembourg 1285 to 1354: Archbishop of Trier and Elector of the Empire

More than a thousand years, lent than the Ottonian Empire Kalrs the Great new look, Luxembourg has emerged. It has evolved out of the sphere and the possession of one of the great earls in the fragmented and fought hard for decades part of the old Carolingian Empire Central, dem regnum Lotharii Lothars II. An exchange act is at the historical beginning of both the House of Luxembourg and the country and the city of Luxembourg…