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History of the Lake Parish (Oberlausitz) Burgers vector in the Roth


The history of the parish lake forms the content of this publication. Were based on the oldest church book, it comprises the time of 1640 to 1745 with a total 493 Pages, the 2. Church of the book with the annual 1755 begins and 1799 concludes, the third of which is the time 1800 to 1839 and a fourth is starting 1840. For these and many religious messages and Schoepp Lehnbriefen books was the work.

Amalie von Gallitzin – A life between scandal and legend


She was a scandal in her lifetime and was a legend, that they hardly spouse found their last resting place in the village cemetery of Angelmodde – the beautiful Princess Amalie von Gallitzin, Born Countess Schmettau from Berlin. During her lifetime she was on everyone's lips – if all those with thin top layer of Birth- and nobility of mind in the small states of Germany- 18. Century, says. Was a scandalous aristocrat, their children's self-educated son and daughter, and even in the same subjects taught, with their sport[...]