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Official designations, Professional- and professional designations from Altpreussen


What is the number of globally active genealogist is suggesting only, But this growing community is undoubtedly one of the largest on the Internet.

Medieval artists and foremen of Lower Saxony and Westphalia


In dem vorliegenden Werk werden die Künstler und Werkmeister aufgeführt, the performance of the architecture, Artistry, Casting art and painting were. The period extends from the IX. Century to the end of the XVI. Century.

French surnames in the Palatinate

The contents of this first part consists essentially of one being additions and corrections reworking a previously published essay (Monthly for native literature and art, History and Folklore) Basis of this research, for example, is the guild of weavers guild book, alone can be found here 160 Name. The newcomers brought the silk weaving, Stocking and other useful branches of industry in their new home with and proved energetic and grateful subjects…