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Full history of sex of Lochow, with panels and side dishes

Schloss Rheinsberg

The family of Lochow The family of Lochow is one of the oldest nobility of Brandenburg. The family is probably already in 926 Mark eingewandert. It can be assumed with reasonable security, that they took their name from the Havelland Lochow.

Country Book of Mark Brandenburg


Karl Heinrich Berghaus, renowned geographer and exceptionally prolific writer, is most 3. More 1797 Born in Cleves. His father, Johann Isaak Berghaaus, an accomplished and very spiritual man more alive, through the various historical writings and mathematical content, as well as through its participation of the “General German Library” and the “Jena Literary Journal” had made known, stood as Finanzkalkulator serving the Prussian government, and taught his son at first even. Later the family moved to Münster, where the boy attended the Gymnasium Paulinum. In seinen  [...]