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Publ-Gruber: General Encyclopedia of Sciences and Arts


The Universal Encyclopaedia of Sciences and Arts (Ersch short-Gruber) is a comprehensive, Scientific Encyclopedia, of the 1818 to 1889 First of John Samuel and Johann Gottfried Gruber Ersch and edited by 400 Scholars has been developed. It comprises 167 Text-books of almost 79.000 Pages in three sections and 1 Plate volume as well as several panel inserts. The work was 1831 from the Brockhaus publishing house and taken 1889 set unfinished. (See Wikisource)

The Secret Symbols of Alchemy, Medicine and astrology of the Middle Ages


The secret symbols of alchemy, Medicine and astrology of the Middle Ages : a compilation of the mystics and alchemists used secret character font, together with a concise secret scientific lexicon.

Biographical Encyclopedia of the Austrian Empire

In enormous hard work here 60 Volumes of Biographical Lexicon digitized and made available. Posted by Dr. Constantin Wurzbach and appeared in the period 1856-1891. They contain the life sketches of memorable, noteworthy personalities, since the 1750 entweder in den österreichischen Kronländern geboren sind oder dort gelebt und gewirkt haben. In the individual volumes are many genealogical tables contain, Each volume is divided by first letter, published by the yard- and Vienna State Printing.