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The goldsmith's art of earlier times in Prussia


These two works, I would like to point, because it not only the story of the goldsmith's craft in Prussia, a lot of genealogical notes provide. For almost all goldsmiths, or. Goldschmiedemeistern werden die familiären Zusammenhänge erläutert und Hinweise zur Herkunft gegeben und stellen so eine weitere wichtige familienkundliche Quelle dar. The professional jeweler is probably the oldest metal craft in the world. Gold came in the rivers found in pure form and was the first, metal known to man. Goldsmith is the professional term for a craftsman, der Schmuck und Gegenstände aus Edelmetallen  [...]

Pforzheim's past and his connection to Johannes Reuchlin

From the contents: Village Market and Pforzheim, the creation of the new city, History from the Hirsau, the municipal law of 1486, the families of the city, Mayor and Council, Prohibition of the guilds, the shaft Schiffer, the cloth-making and the Zeugmacherei, and everything about the goldsmith. Education states: The Latin School, Heynlin of stone, Reuchlin and his relations to Pforzheim, the city after the 30 Years War, Huguenot colonies, the watches and jewelery factory, Schulmeister order to 1500.

Chronicle of the trades

As trades are trade or profession and civil engineering activities referred to. Within genealogical research we encounter regularly these terms, so I'd like to introduce the appropriate literature. And it is this multi-volume work provides the title of Chronicle of the trades, which has been meticulously developed by research in the old spring collections and archives of many cities in Germany and Switzerland. H.A. Berlepsch, Publisher Scheitlin & Zollikofer, St. Gallen