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Österreichische Nationalbibliothek macht gesamten Buchbestand online zugänglich

Als ei­ne der welt­weit ers­ten Na­tio­nal­bi­blio­the­ken wird die Ös­ter­rei­chi­sche Na­tio­nal­bi­blio­thek ih­ren kom­plet­ten his­to­ri­schen Buch­be­stand vom 16. to 19. Jahr­hun­dert (ei­ne der fünf in­ter­na­tio­nal be­deu­tends­ten Samm­lun­gen his­to­ri­scher Bü­cher) di­gi­ta­li­sie­ren und on­line zu­gäng­lich ma­chen. Das Pro­jekt wird in ei­ner Pu­blic Pri­va­te Part­nership mit Goog­le durch­ge­führt. Es wer­den rund 400.000 ur­he­ber­rechts­freie Wer­ke di­gi­ta­li­siert, die un­ein­ge­schränkt und kos­ten­frei über die Di­gi­ta­le Bi­blio­thek der Ös­ter­rei­chi­schen Na­tio­nal­bi­blio­thek und über die Goog­le Buch­su­che be­nutzt wer­den kön­nen. Die Wer­ke wer­den auch über die eu­ro­päi­sche di­gi­ta­le Bi­blio­thek Eu­ro­pea­na zu­gäng­lich sein.

Links to Genealogy

These recommended links are already combined collections of important addresses for Genealogy, a single list to replace. I would like to fill this page and on pages of recommended list of fellow researchers and Genealogical Publishing.

The rural residences, Palaces and residences of the Knights scientific landowners in the Prussian monarchy

In the years 1857-1884 Alexander is the publisher Duncker, a 16-volume work on the bottom called residences, Castles and residences released. Of the total 959 Single sheets relate 92 the Prussian province of Pomerania to 1857. Of the other provinces of Silesia 227 Views of the most common, throughout the province of Prussia only 72 Image examples are offered. Schleswig-Holstein with 5 Views represented. The declared aim of the publisher was, to present as many stately homes and provided with a historical and family accompanying SCIENCE. (See Baltic Studies New Series, Bd. 82) Title:  [...]

Contributions to the history of the family of Auerswald from documentary sources

The headquarters of the sex of Auerswald was according to tradition, the Knight's Castle Auerswalda with the family estate near Chemnitz, is named as the builder of Kaspar Auerswalda in the middle of the fifteenth century. The sex itself is much older and goes to the indication of Saxon historians up to the early history of Meissen. Those who have been charged as an ancestor is first in the state of Meissen Noble, is not reported. The family had long flourished already in the country Meissner, as first Fabian von Auerswald from the[...]

History of the baronial family von Eichendorff

One of the oldest families in all of Germany, include Baron von Eichendorff. Luster and glory bestowed a member of this family, in which the German people the most talented poet of the Romantic school, the church one of its most loyal sons, State officials celebrated a deserved. The cradle of the Upper Silesian Eichendorff was located on the road between Opava and Beneschau German-Krawarn. This place, is one of the most populous villages of the district Ratibor, is also one of the oldest in the whole region. Krawarn already appeared 1224 at the time of[...]