Mistress Sophie Marie Countess von Voss

Sophie Marie Countess von Voss, Born of Pannewitz and Mistress of Her Majesty the Queen Louise of Prussia, after their death Grande governess and Oberaufseherin the royal princes and princesses, awarded the Order of Black Eagle, the Order and the Russian-Louise St. Catherine's Order.

She was born on 11. March 1729 in Schönfließ. Her father, the Prussian royal. General-Major, Wolff Adolph Pannewitz, Owners of the manor Schönfließ in Oranienburg, was on 13. March 1679 Born in Lower Lusatia, and died in Berlin on 30. August 1750. Her mother, Johanne Marie of Pannewitz, born of the house of Jasmund Trollenhagen was on 17. July 1702 and died on 17. April 1771.

General of Pannewitz was an old war hero, the 1709 had received a blow on the head, which awarded him with a huge gash on his forehead. The king was never on the anniversary of the battle, with special honors to invite him as a guest to Wusterhausen. The Childhood of Sophie Marie was still in the years of the reign of Frederick William I. and part of the time she spent time already at the court of Queen Sophie Dorothee…..


Duncker & Humblot: Sixty-nine years at the Prussian court : With a Portrat in steel engraving and a genealogy. From the memoirs of Mistress Marie Sophie Countess of Voss, Leipzig 1876 (Download the Russ. State Library)

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