History of the company Nüscke & Co. Shipyard, Boilermakers and Engineering Institute

Szczecin's excellent location at the water caused its inhabitants already in ancient times to build ships, on them numerous inland waters, but could sail the seas. That was the oldest shipbuilding facilities of the Szczecin here, was still conscious at the end of the 18. Century established.

At the 15. March 1650 (after the civil registry) here carpenter Hans Nüscke acquires the citizenship of “Newen Warp”. A few years later, this one Hans Joachim Nüscke “of the New Warp” and probably were the two brothers. Since then, the family lived in an uninterrupted sequence in Szczecin. But there were also others of that name (mostly relatives) Stettin and also acquired the rights of citizenship. They came for example from Wolgast (1727) Stepenitz (1750) Politz (1745) and Wollin (1744)

The history of shipbuilding experienced its heyday with the ship master carpenter Michael I. The North American War of Independence (1775-1785) brought the neutral states very rewarding rates and thus in Szczecin inspiration for new buildings, partly for their own use of the Szczecin shipowners and merchants, And For Sale. Besides the ancient yard space behind the slaughterhouse, Michael built on the Nüscke, they used back then Plots “back on Wall” Before Parnitztor, on the folding lumberyard, etc before Frauentor. The demand for ships was so great, that they paid high sums for a lease yard space and the master chose to build in the winter.

The most common types of ships at that time were: Frigates from 250-300, even more loads (Biplane) then the slightly smaller Schnakschiffe, Gallioten, Galleons and yachts. Instead of anchor chains still ropes were made of hemp in use. Michael Nüscke II. led his father continued the business. After a temporary decline in the Szczecin ship could in the last decade of the 18. Century develop strongly again and had a good reputation Schiffbauten. Michael II. Nüscke brought it into great wealth and prestige. By his second marriage he was also owner of the house No.. 23, was the value of his own roughly equal. He brought it to the dignity of a man age of shipwrights and this trust had 1814 other. He died on 15. More 1826 Szczecin.

Son Michael III. now led a shipyard owner, Captain and harbor pilot running the business. His marriage to Anna Elizabeth Retzlaff came Albert Emil (1817-1891) He remained true to the tradition of the family and learned at his father's brother Johann Christian Nüscke the ship building industry. Albert Emil it was, of the steam gunboats “Salamander and Swallow” built for the Admiralty. He was held in high esteem, was for many years and became a city council man fire officer and later as an expert of the lake- and Commercial Court in Szczecin appointed. His marriage to Marie Dürr came a daughter and son, Johann Friedrich Michael Nüscke, Captain on a larger drive and the successor välterlichen shipyard.

In agreement with his father to the shipbuilder, founded on the basis of 28.6.1890 closed Sozitätsvertrages with O.C. Peuß vom 1. July 1890 an, a general partnership under the name: “Nüscke & Co. This agreement expired on in. 5 Years.

It can be said with complete justification, that in the 100 Years of the shipyard to Grabower 1890 overall 130-140 Ships were built. Then came the time of “Iron Ships”. The first building of this type was given the number 71.


Altenburg, Otto: History of the company Nüscke & CO : Shipyard, Boilermakers u. Maschinenbauanstalt stock company Stettin : the occasion of her 100 anniversary, Szczecin, 1915

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