The Council Lübeckische line from its beginnings to the present

The first written records: Elver of Bardewik was during the last years of Danish rule of the most respected senators, Ludolf von Hannover was the owner of a big lot at the corner of Sand and Coal Market Street.

Gerhard was Vrymann 1206 King Valdemar II of Lubeck. sent, from whom he obtained the confirmation of the privileges previously granted. Lutbert Lenzing as an envoy was in Luebeck with King Valdemar years 1216. Hinrich Wullenpund was mayor in the years 1229-1240 and Gottschalk Bardewik of mayor in the years 1229-1244.


Fehling, It. F.: Council Lübeckische line from the beginnings of the city up to the present. I. The Council's No Line. 1 – 1041. II. Notes… Lubeck: Max Schmidt Roemhild, 1925

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Techen, Frederick: The grave stones of the churches of Liibeck, Lubeck: Rahtgens, 1898

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