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From time faded away: Memoirs of the Paula von Bulow 1833-1920

Paula was born in Berlin, referred to himself but rather as Süddeutsche. Her father, Count Franz de Paula von Linden was at that time agent of the state at the Prussian court of Württemberg. The family is of Dutch origin Linden; She writes in there sometimes with "i" and partially with"and". The original center of the baronial branch moved 18. Century after MONTBELIARD (Montbeliard) and entered the Württemberg State Service. Paula's father married 1832 By Marie Hill (His mother was a countess Benzel to Sternau) Her mother was a maid of honor of Queen Pauline of Württemberg and the wedding was held in Stuttgart.

Vollrath Bernhard von Bülow, which she happily shook hands to tie the knot, was in 1820 Ludwig was born in pleasure as the only son of the head equerry Vollrath von Bulow out of the house Zülow (+1840) Bernard had inherited from his father a good sense of justice and strength of character.

In May 1858 they had both engaged and are on 25. Were married in September of the same Matthäikirche Jahfres. The years of the brief marriage, the couple spent in Frankfurt, the seat of the Bundestag, represented at the Bülow as an envoy Mecklenburg. In Frankfurt, the three children were born: Marie Louise (Mimia), later maid of honor of the Grand Duchess Anastasia of Mecklenburg, Franz Vollrath's only son and Ilsabe (ilsa) who lost her husband Hans von Ferber after a few months of her first marriage and married later with the Mecklenburg District Altwig of Arenstorff again. Who wants to know how it goes, can download the book.


Professor Dr. John Werner: Verlag K. F. Koehler, Leipzig 1924- provided with portraits. (Download)

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