Konrad Grünenbergs Wappenbuch

roman kings

Des Konrad Grünenberg, Ritters und Bürgers Wappenbuch:

Conrad Grünenberg’s Wappenbuch, finished 1483, with 2293 coats-of-arms and crests of european  nobles, southern german knightly families, and imaginary arms. The two manuscripts also contain several miniatures and a few textual passages.

With the available ressources it was impossible to find independent information on 365 items, noted as not identified, and listed in the Addendum below.

A b/w facsimile corresponding to this edition is available at Grünenberg WB, München, BSB, Cgm. 45 und http://daten.digitale-sammlungen.de/~db/0003/bsb00035320/images/




von Steen Clemmensen 2009