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Medieval seal of the archdiocese of Magdeburg

mittelalterliche-siegelThis book is in three parts, deals extensively with the research arms of the same figures and formations and the associated question of the origin and dissemination of the appropriate sex, with forays into the genealogies.

Their possible association with other tribal, or cities- Geistlichkeits-seals and also references to related illustrations, the importance of the emblems, and a detailed explanation of the historical and heraldic seal and coat of arms for the purposes of art and cultural history.


1. Men and spiritual bodies
2. Secular lords high and low nobility
3. of cities
4. Outstanding citizens gender
5. Villages, Churches, Schoepp colleges etc.


Mülverstedt v., George Adalbert, published by the Historical- and Classical Association of the archbishopric of Magdeburg, First delivery of Table I-III 1869, Second delivery table IV-VI 1871, Table VII-IX third delivery 1872

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