The Bishop John of Blankenfelde

After the relevant literature is John Bright field between 1471 and 1478 born. Becmann indicates, that the Annual 1506 at the inauguration of the University of Frankfurt an der Oder in 36. Years standing, and already in 18. Age for D.U.J. I graduated.

So now is his doctoral years 1503 proven, consequently can not specify Becmanns about the birth year is correct. His teacher reports, that he does not yet 25 Years old, been decorated with the red mortarboard was; therefore would be born in 1478 be.

Blank box mother came from a family of book, but is not generally accepted as, the noble house of that name Uckermark, but in all probability, a long-established Berlin Patriziergeschlecht. Sein Vater Thomas, was a merchant and several times Mayor of Berlin and among the most important merchants of the time. The family belonged Blankenfeld even the oldest families of the city. An old legend says, she was from Lombardy, where she had been a resident under the name Blanco campo the time of Frederick Barbarossa and would then immigrated to the Mark. But it is probably true national origin and from the village Blankenfeld at Niederbarnim.

To Berlin, this family has made a major contribution; already in 1284 we find a man of that name as a council and in 1430 Wilcke held Blankenfeld, grandfather of John, the dignity of a mayor of Berlin and received 1453 the elector of the city the right, sealed with red wax to be able to. The summit was with his brother Hans in 1474 Emperor Frederick III. been raised to the peerage Empire. The family Blank field seems to have been very rich, wealthy, because in and around Berlin, on Blankenburg, Pankow and Weißenau had extensive domains, and in the city itself, in Spandauerstrasse 49, lived in a stately home (Headquarters of sex)

From marriage (the marriages) of Thomas Blank field with Margaret of book (with me Buchholz) waren nun ausser Johannes noch 22 Children sprung, of which however 8 died rather early. Of the sons, we find a return as mayor (Thomas) and two others as councilors of Berlin (Wilhelm and Paul) Of the daughters are mentioned Ursula, married to the Berlin alderman John Hack straw, Catherine, by Joachim I. Elector of Brandenburg, who lived in a double adultery and the Syndic of Brunswick, Levin of Embden had a sister (Margarethe) von Johannes zur Frau. (See database)

About the youth of John is not known, but he must have had an excellent education, because often it is later than a “nobilis vir true” designated. Jacobi accepts as likely, he at the Latin School St. Nikolai has visited, but there is no evidence. In 1499 We find him to Bologna, where he is listed as a member of the German nation in the annals. Beginning 1504 he was in Leipzig. It was also the year of death of his father. At the 23. April of the year 1507 it was the great honor, the second Rector of the University of Frankfurt (Or) to perform. In the same year undertook Blankenfeld the Brandenburg home to more services.

At the 8. April 1513 John was as ambassador to Rome. As a university lecturer has Blankenfeld as indicating Becmann, “magna cum laude and admiratione” lectures. The business of the legal deanery he led with the title of Seniors, despite the significant otherwise use until summer 1509. 1512 to 1514 He joined as General at the papal curia in the service of the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order, Albrecht I. of Brandenburg-Ansbach. So he went in the service of princes and cities, he rose to high honors. By the favor of Leo X. John was 1514 Bishop of Reval, 1518 Bishop of Dorpat and 1524 Archbishop of Riga, appointed by Clement VII.

The Reformation was now also in Riga, much of the population were Protestant and not standing behind John, who opposed this motion. Walter von Plettenberg, Master of the Order of Livonia, supported the Reformation, to get under other more independence from secular Archdiocese. 1525 it came to a rift between John and Plettenberg for supremacy in the country. When John took up negotiations with Sigismund of Poland, let Plettenberg take him prisoner. John placed himself under the protection of the Teutonic Order, the Plettenberg confirmed as head of state. Johannes reiste daraufhin nach Spanien um beim Kaiser Karl V. Requested to support – but he died just before he had reached his destination on 9. September 1527.



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  1. Dirk Peters says:

    Hello Margit,

    by Max Ludwig was the first wife of one Stroband, Daughter of Henry and Stroband NN Wilmer Dorff.



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    For me it is also a “Buchholz” and has since Thomas Blankenfelde two wives. As hopefully will be an exciting discussion initiated.

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    u according to modern sources. a.:

    #Ludwig, Max, Dr, The women of Berlin Mayor Thomas Blankenfelde (The Herald, new episode of the quarterly magazine, Bd. 3, 1943), 120.
    #Fisherman, Fritz (Editor), Ancestry plant siblings Fischer, Bd. 5, Pedigrees of Brandenburg-Pomeranian Uradelsgeschlechter (Self-publishing 1962)
    #Dr. John Hohlfeld, Leipzig gender, Pedigrees, Pedigrees and descendants boards, Bd. I (Leipzig 1933
    Strain- Pedigree and work of the Centre for German people- and family history Bd. 6), 69.

    is the wife of Thomas Blank field rather than to the family Buchholz to the family of book, although here too their parents are not known.