The Gdansk Gender mockery Feldt

The sex Hohn Feldt From Bremen. Here is the oldest ancestor of documentary evidence: 1351 Johannes Honvelt. He is followed in Bremen without detectability of family relationship to the year 1575: Hermannus Honvelt, 1367 Johannes Honvelt, 1386 Meiteke Honveldes, 1390 Lüdeke Honvelt, 1450 Albert Honvelde, 1566 Hinrick Honfeldt, 1575 Everdt Honfeldt. Among the latter were, the father of the first ancestor of Gdansk, Henrich mockery Feldt are.

Henrich mockery Feldt is on 15.11.1597 Gdansk citizens, after at 10.11.1597 had married for the first time. His birth is therefore no later than 1575 to set. Henrich's father would most likely be the Bremer Hinrick, especially after the fashion of the father's name would be happy to pass on to son. In addition to the numbers 10, 20 and 21 The ancestral pedigree are all after the time of the Reformation Lutheran, the family itself reformed mockery Feldt.

The author of this work, Hans Albert Hohn Feldt (*22.5.1897) was Gauleiter of Danzig during Nazi rule. He joined 1925 the NSDAP, and founded the local group Gdańsk. 1931 He was government inspector and head of the Nazi official Department of the Gau Danzig. At the 28.5.1933 He was again a member of Danzig and the People's Daily 20.6.1933 elected Senator of the Free City of Danzig. At the 3. July 1934 He stepped down as senator, at the main branch manager of the national leadership of the NSDAP to provide management with the main office for civil servants and of the League to take over the German officials. He was awarded the Golden Party Badge. ( His wife wore this party badge) At the 15. April 1935 He was elected director of the German officers insurance. Then there is no sign of life from him.

He was the son of the businessman and city councilor Walter Reinhold mockery Feldt (*28.2.1869) and its coming from Auguste Wittstock wife Johanna Timm (* 29.6.1856) Hans Albert was the only child of this marriage. He married 23.6.1927 Gdansk-Langfuhr Ella Gertrude Johanna Kopp (*19.2.1905) Daughter of the Prussian. Council invoice and rail inspector Otto Albert William Kopp and his wife Ella Clara Hedwig Meyer. From this marriage two daughters, Hannelore Auguste * 23.3.1928 Hildegard and Ella *19.5.1934


Hohn Feldt, Hans Albert: The sex of scorn Feldt, Danziger family history posts, Danzig: Damage-Verlag, 1933


Genealogy of the family scorn Feldt

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