History of the Royal Domgymnasium of Magdeburg

When the Reformation was its triumph over Germany, They also held in Magdeburg catchment. Having been 1521 the Augustinian monk and since Melchior Miritz 1522 the Franciscan friar John Fritz and Hans Halberstadt from provost distributed of the Augustinian monastery in sermons inveighed against Eberhard Wiedensee popish abuses had, turned 1524 the council of the city with the entire citizenry of the new doctrine, turned evangelical preacher in the city churches, and founded an evangelical Roman city school, which came very soon by outstanding principals in high bloom.

The inevitable consequence of the Reformation was the long sought secession from the supremacy of the Archbishop, who is now with him in the clergy of the cathedral chapter and asked other donors contributed the most obstinate resistance. It took heavy fighting, before this was completely broken. Only at 5.12.1561 the famous cathedral in the Diet to Calbe Saale and the Augsburg Confession 6 Years later, at the 1. Advent 1567 held for the preacher appointed Siegfried bag (Genealogies see database) since the 1557 had led the school altstädtische, the first Protestant sermon in the cathedral. That during the Middle Ages is connected with the cathedral foundation gewesene cathedral school at the beginning of the Reformation still existed, emerges from the fighting, which 1524 took place between the people and the Domgeistlichkeit…

Rectors of the Cathedral School:

Johann Georg Lohmeyer (1675-1680
Georg Lohmeyer (1684-1685)
Johannes E. Roever (1686-1694)
Christian Müller (1694-1740
Johann Gottlieb Immerman (1740-1753)
John Eustace Goldhagen (1753-1772)
Gottfried Benedict Funk (1772-1814)
Johann Andreas Matthias (1814-1837)
Charles Funk (1838-1848)
Samuel Frederick Henry Wiggert (1849-1860)
John Horkel (1860-1861)
George Henry Robert Wichert (since 1862)

Johann Georg Lohmeier is on 18.9.1675 Rector appointed:

We Domdechant, Senior Capitulgemein and the primacy- Church and Archbishop of Magdeburg give you, the firm and honorable wohlgelahrten honor M. Johann Georg Loh-meyern, former Rector of the school at Hildesheim, heard next Zuentbietung our gracious salute hereby. We therefore at high imaginary our cathedrals newly laid-school among others, first and foremost gemeinet to appoint a Rectorem us and then you because of your Christian life bishero out and change, recommandiret also awarded to their function such good gifts and skills and was known, as we have locked ourselves corresponding, Called you to our newly laid sothaner at school a Rectori. How are we then in the name of the most holy Trinity vociren you this power and appoint such and so this, that you take the rectorship such our new sideboard prospective school about you, which you entrusted discipulos in the fear of God, morality, Erudition and skill inform Irish faithful after your best diligence, Otherwise everything that of, what we are if this Regula-tion, do and perform, and you hiernebst in teaching, Life and conduct, and thus behave bezeigen sollet, as this is your office with you and bringeth it getrauet responsible dermaleins, We then provided the inmaßen though and have good confidence in you. However we want you to Ergetzlichkeit Salario annually and expected from previous Michaelmas at Zwohundert Thaler of money and those with quartaliter 50 Thlrn. pay and deliver along with the free housing also Wispel rye can; dafern also otherwise would happen some accidentia, you should be those also indulged; But will that this should ANY left a free will and no one forced upon the charge against something, which we want to announce to you here-with, and let the witness Imprinting Our Insiegel hereunder knowingly. This happened Magdeburg, the 18. Septem-ber 1675.


Hugo Holstein, History of the Royal Domgymnasium of Magdeburg. Festschrift to celebrate its 200th anniversary on 18. September 1875, Hofbuchdruckerei Friese: Magdeburg 1875 (Download)

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