The history of the family Zernecke

The emblem has a custom of following, probably the councilor John Thorner Zerneke (1620-1703) before 1688 assumed. The picture and the colors of the arms are made of:

In blue shield with a red heart tingiertem, the three-, five or six-petalled Rose is decked in green stems. On the helmet are again the three roses in the same colors, between which a white dove with outstretched wings is ready. Schnabel, Eyes and feet are red, The Yellow Rose of Samenbutzen, the inside white helmet covers, outside blue.

The names of the family walked over the life of Sernyk, Cernike, Nick ornamental,Cernikow, Zernike, Sarnecke, Zernekow to Zernecke. In 1545 we find the clergy Hiddensee Peter Zerneke. From the year 1556 He is chaplain of succession, Pastor and pastor in Zirkow. A Zerneke Martin is named as a citizen of Bergen. In the year to 1539 reaching back to the parish register parish Berger is a collection of voluntary contributions to the organ recorded Raparatur, including Martin. The family tree listed as his wife a “Barnekow” and 12 Children.

Andreas Zerneke found pieces of documents from the years 1611-1612 as a witness signature and house brand. (S. 15, Bd. 1) He was 1599 Head of the poor box office and 1613 Councilor and court assessors. Johann Zerneke, Born on 13.2.1620 Bergen lost his parents early. At the 6. November 1652 erwarb er das Thorner Bürgerrecht auf Handel und Wandel und begründete sein eigenes Haus. His birth certificate is issued by the Council in Bergen with the date of the year 1651. John had at Zerneke 3. December 1652 with the daughter of his former teacher Mr., the sheriff and businessman John Moller married. From this marriage produced eight children.

Im zweiten Band geht es um den Thorner Bürgermeister und Chronisten Jakob Heinrich Zernicke (1672-1741) There is so much to learn about this family and their lives from the past centuries, and the literary achievements of Henry James.


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