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History and genealogy of the family pastor


The time now is again a scanned book, where I have my pleasure. It is completely legible. I must particularly emphasize the work, has made the author made in the compilation, because that's how we imagine a printed family history. This is one a treasure trove for genealogists. But the jewelery images in this work is unparalleled. Coat of arms and seal of all family members, for example, the family Haniel, exists over the already an article, Tombs, Documents, Portraits, a family tree as a decoration panel, Pictures of the possessions etc.…

The family pastor will be originally a nickname. As such, he is 1372 at John of Bonn, vor genannt Patoir, the Archbishop Frederick III. from Cologne to the bailiff ordered the Wolkenburg. Also at the Pieter Pastoir, which the 11. November 1338 with his father, Knights of the Ludwig Cléberg, is named as man of the house castle Grentzau, formed the name Pastoir merely an epithet. Later this Peter also called pastor of Cléberg and resulted in the 50's only the name of his father. In 1362 sealed it with his brother Lutzen of Cléberg, both as a knight, on the side Philip von Isenburg a certificate.

A family came in Kleberg 14. Century ago in Aachen. Thus, in the town accounts of the year 1338, 1344, 1346 and 1349 Catherine, Daughter of Henry of Kleberg, further 1346 Gerhard of Kleberg called. But as the family pastor's earlier evidence in Aachen, It would be wrong to build more combinations. The Aachen family pastor can definitely at the turn of 13. Century demonstrate. John Pastoir the tailors (sartor) who lived in the Pontstrasse, , in a 1368 Interest-built tab called.


Macco, Hermann Friedrich: History and genealogy of the family pastor, Aachen, 1905