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The Miller and Aichholz – a genealogical study

Live image of the root master of the Vienna Miller family. Josef Maria Ritter von Miller Aichholz besides prefixed extracts from the recent history Woberschen Three taming Genealogical Works, “The Miller and Aichholz”.



Family Members:

Josef Maria Miller was born to Aichholz 23. January 1797 in Cles, Trentino; + 3. February 1871 in Vienna, was an Austrian industrialist. As a young man was Joseph Miller made 1809 Andreas Hofer difficult errands in the war against the French. But he also received the Silver Tapferkeitsmedailie. The episode was later painted by Defregger. 1811 He came to Vienna and it was first employed in the local drugstores. After becoming a partner in the drug store Grittner, he founded 1819 the druggist F. A. Oehler Oehler, the company & Miller. 1826 he bought the drug store and could Grittner 1839 one of the first domestic cane sugar refineries in Vienna acquire. Miller was doing business in Bohemia and Silesia, as well as in Trieste.

During the Revolution 1848 He was captain of the National Guard and worked in Vienna Committee. 1852 He was director of the Austrian National Bank. Miller was married to the originating from Belgium Marie Flore d'Heur. Joseph Miller was with the Belgian Marie Flore d'Heur married. His son, Vincent Miller to Aichholz (1827–1913) took over his father's company, the youngest son of Victor Miller Aichholz (1845–1910) was a chemist and industrialist and art collector and benefactor, the son of Eugene Miller Aichholz (1835–1919) also an industrialist and art collector. Son of August von Miller Aichholz (1829–1899) wrote a 1907 publicized image of the father's life under the title “They quam videri” (Be, what they seem).

Knights of St. Vincent Miller Aichholz (1827-1913) was the eldest son of the founder of Dynasty entrepreneurs Miller Aichholz, the 1856 the predicate "Miller Aichholz" and 1860 The award "by Miller to Aichholz received" and the 1865 was elevated to knighthood. Vincent Miller was already 1841 entered the family business, was educated in Hamburg and London and has been reorganized 1845 his father's company in Trieste.

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