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News from the family of the Counts of Wartensleben

Messages about the origin of the family (after Spener) especially the relationship with the life of waiting. The author also deals with the Verschwägerungen the plug of stone, hierzug there is an old family tree. Documentary evidence is summarized from the year 1286 to 1499 and we know all about the patents of nobility with counts- und Reichsgrafenwürde...

The origin of the family of the Counts of life is laid in wait for the time of Charlemagne. The family of waiting Life is without a doubt one of the oldest in Germany, if it is to those of an origin Bartensleben, of the Upper Saxony “B” into a Low Saxon “In” transformed. The younger Hermann had two sons Güntzel II. and again Hermann; the former married the heiress of Count Sigfried, Count of Osterburg and Altenhausen. The younger one went to the County of Schaumburg. In Magdeburg he had the goods and Barby Othleben.


Wartensleben, by Julius: News from the family of the Counts of Wartensleben, 1. Part Urkundenbuch, with 16 Pedigrees and 2 Pedigrees, Berlin 1858 (Download bei Google)

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