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Timo Genealogy Sitebuilding his diary blog has just posted this very interesting contribution to the German genealogy blog landscape – a very good idea in my opinion, because, in fact, are not with us so many blogs dealing with genealogy / Genealogy, because it looks even better in the U.S.!

The compilation of previously known and interesting German genealogy blog reads as follows:

Private Genealogy Blogs Blog (Andrea Bentschneider)

Family Chronicle Jursitzky (Christian Jursitzky)

Genealogy and everything around it (Christian loben)

Peters Family Research – The Blog (Dirk Peters)

Liter Elle Blog (Dr. Ulrike Rainer)

Viant Family Genealogy Blog (Edward Wieand)

Genealogy Diary (Irmi opponent-Sünkler)

Genealogy and family research Rambow (This blog here)

SCHUEMANN.genealogie | Blog (Matthias Schumann)

Rheinhessen Archive (Melanie Langenhan)

de ancestor brooder (Pauli Pascal)

of Frankenhausen in the world (Peter Teuthorn)

Genealogy of the family auf'm Kampe (Regina auf'm Kampe)

Genealogy Diary (Timo Kracke)

Witnesses & Historical items from the I. & II. World war, GDR, Genealogy (Tino Wagner)

Document files (Auxiliary Sciences) (Operators of community weblogs Klaus Graf)

Document files (Genealogy) (Klaus Graf)

Commercial blogs


Genealogy in Poland

This list is not exhaustive and will hopefully continue!

About the Author:

Timo Kracke is 35 Years old, Father, Genealogist, Author, Blogger, Music- and explores computer fan and since 1997 his own family in Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic and the U.S.A. and reports in his blog about the family history and genealogy in general.

Timo Kracke is a member of several genealogical societies and volunteers working on the creation of the Family Book with Harpenden.


  1. admin says

    I myself am a member of the famint list (though more as a silent reader) and I would appreciate a lively exchange with the blog operators very.

  2. Good day,

    In Germany, the more “Mailing”-Lists common, family here and I particularly research on cross-regional and cross-group-list internationally famint would like to point. In a collection of more than 1000 Links / Also a lot of these lists are listed and clickable links.

    Since the list famint a closed private list (which now has about 700 Participants) is, Registration is required. With some of the o. a. “Blogs” we change ourselves from. With us, everything is voluntary mutual, it's all free.

    Kind regards
    Joachim Rebuschat

  3. Hello Margit,

    nice that you like the article :)
    Looking forward to many new contacts in the “Blogger-Szene”

    Greetings Timo!

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