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The sex of Bruiningk in Livonia

The present spelling feststehenede Bruiningk, instead of the usual early Brüning or Brüningk, developed first by the nobility of diploma 1737, if requested by the graduate, remains questionable. So have written their names since all family members, it is found in many private documents. The progenitor of the Livonian branch of Heinrich (+1697) Brüning still enrolled, soon Brüningk, his son of the same (+1736) and their sons enrolled only Brüningk and so it went until graduation.

The family history presented here extends to the time, resident of the family in Lübeck was. The diploma is said, that the ancestors of Axel Hinrich Bruiningk originate from Westphalia and the ancestors then excelled in the Council of the City of Lübeck have. In fact, two the councilman dignity clothed and only one of them was Adolf (+1702) may be considered, since the other (Hermann (+1760) the Council membership for only 1748 held.

Nicholas Bruning had 1613 gained citizenship in Lübeck and designated civil registry as a merchant's apprentice. His marriage to Catherine is about Roddenberry 1620 be done, da der am 11.12.1624 born son Adolf still had two older sisters. The Livonian line takes place in the genealogy of the Hermann to the alderman on 2.9.1760 went out, no connection. The branch must lie further back, could be detected but not here.

Joachim Brüningk in Narva (+1679) and his cousin Henry had become a resident (+1697) and at the same ancestor of the Livonian branch, were the businessman remained true professional. Son Axel Heinrich (*1705) studied law and served in the First Magistrate of Riga as Council Secretary. Later he applied for the post of Hofgerichtsassessors. A few months before he was Assessor, got him his Schwigervater of the Emperor Charles VI. issued to Vienna diploma and degree level of nobility for himself and his descendants. Such a diploma at that time was in Livonia as a full proof of nobility, a recognition of the rights so acquired nobility from the Russian government were not required. Only through the inclusion in the Registry was one in the true sense of the word a Livonian nobleman.


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