The oldest book of the period of Stralsund citizens 1319 to 1348

Stralsund was given to the settlement in the wake of the German eastward expansion in 1234 between the notice of princes Wizlaw I. the city charter to Rostock or. Lübeck model. The area was at that time mainly by Slavs besiedelt.Im 14. Century was regarded as an important Hanseatic city of Stralsund already, equal to Lübeck.

This city will be people like the Christian reformer Ketelhodt, or John Knipstro linked. Here lived Johannes Aepinus, Zutfeld Wardenberg, or Nicodemus Tessin. (See database)

The manuscript of the book so far oldest citizen, which is one of the most precious treasures of Stralsund city archive, includes 158 Parchment of Leaves 31 cm height and 23 cm wide and firmly bound in the finest pigskin. It contains entries from the years 1319-1571.

In this volume are the recordings of the new citizens to 1348 recorded. The civil registry is mainly for local historical research of importance, it is also an important source for genealogical research. At the same time, it is a treasure trove for the historical development of people- and family name.

It is instructive to observe, as from the genitive of the patronymic, from physical or mental peculiarities, of information on the origin and home, from the terms of the trade – have been added to the names of persons – gradually fixed surnames originated.


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