The citizens of the Estonian city of Pärnu book (Pärnu) of 1615 to 1797

The reason for the people working on this book, it was, To obtain a complete picture of the population of this city of Livonia. The author was due to address the issue of, how many generations of one family were staying in the city, especially in the female line. It is just seen as influential to the plague of 1710 between Swedish and Russian time represented and which families were also followed in the city (Zanck, Nail, Schmidt, Schwartz)

The information in the book may be the origin, the profession or career change, who held positions in guilds, the Council membership (Councilors, Mayor, Police- Justice and Mayor of the years in office) the date of death or the day of the funeral, and father and mother of the respective citizen found. There are also marriage and the number of children.

The town was founded in 1251 founded by the Teutonic Knights and was a member of the Hanseatic League (important than ice-free port in Livonia) Pärnu was since the Livonian War in Swedish possession, and came to the Great Northern War of the Russian Empire. The city has about today. 44.000 Population.


Laakmann, Heinrich: The Citizens book of Pärnu, 1. Part, 1615-1797, Tartu : J. G. Kruger, 1936


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