Fantasy and character art of the Middle Ages

The people's belief in the importance and power of the word alive. It knows what it means, if someone finds the right words. It knows, that the real word can leak into the ear, it casts a spell and to exercise a decisive influence on him can. It knows the other way around, that a human, The right word may not call, Makes words and beating about the matter.

In general, the Germanic letters are shaped, that they do not impede the rapid reading, But for the Germans was also the original meaning of the word important, Lines and colors currently – Intellect and emotion were. For the people of that time was the cause red, The lovely pink, The bright yellow, the green hopeful, the blue longing inspire. And as the words in the early Middle Ages to the people living revelations were, so also the colors of lines and composite characters. Characters became art forms..


Schardt, Alois (1889-1916) : The initial: Fantasy and character art of the early Middle Ages, with 106 Illustrations and 4 colored panels, Berlin: Rembrandt Verlag, 1938

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