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Basel Bürgerbuch

Contains all naturalized at the time the families of the city of Basel, with remarks of its origin, the time of the civil rights record, and the first ethnic group of people and those, for the civil service, Church Service, or memorable for science were.

Everything is in alphabetical order and provided with historical notes, or heraldic panels. Also included are up to the year 1836 extinct citizens sexes in Basel.


  • Lutz, Markus: Baslerisches Bürgerbuch, containing all currently naturalized in the city of Basel gender, together with the display of their origin, Civil rights record and its first settlers, Basel: Schweighauser, 1819 (Download)
  • Weiss, Heinrich: Latest Basel Bürgerbuch, containing the earliest times to the year since 1836 extinct and extant civil equality in Basel, Basel 1836 (Download)
  • Publishing Empire: Basler Jahrbuch 1902, with excerpts from the pedigree of the family in Althaus Bretzwil
  • Roth, Carl: Pedigrees of some extinct Basel scholars in gender-: Basel Magazine of History and Archaeology, Bd. 15.1916, Bd. 16.1917, Bd. 17.1918, and Bd. 19.1921 (Name: Gernler, Just, Wettstein, Froben, Petri, Herwagen, Amerbach, Kennels, Faesch, Frey, Bauhin)
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