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The abbot Gottfried Bessel (1672-1749)

The oldest family member was the grandfather of Abbot, Peter Bessel. The father, Johann Georg Bessel, should either Dröll in Silesia or about Erfurt. 1628 be born. The first version can be found 1656 in the posting Taufmatrikeln, where Johann Georg on Bessel 27. VII. as a godparent also named Johann Georg getaufen son is listed. (A detailed description of the family history with a detailed genealogy are included in this work)

Johann Georg was born on 5. 9.1672, later known as Abbot Gottffried, got its name from the father. Godfather was the mayor of Book, Sebastian Kremer. The school teaches the young in the Bessel was, burned 1717 from. After attending the Latin School, he received his further education in Aschaffenburg, Bamberg and Würzburg. 1690 He was referring, led by the Benedictine University of Salzburg, where he studied philosophy, Studied theology and law.

At the 5.5.1692 Bessel addressed to the Abbot of Göttweig, Berthold Mayrhofer an application for inclusion in the local Benedictine Monastery. In order to complete his studies he was sent to the University of Vienna. There he read on 21.3.1696 his first Mass, and was on 7.5.1696 Doktor der Theologie....


Title: Gottfried Bessel : (1672 – 1749) ; Diplomats in Kurmainz, Abbot of Göttweig, Scientists u. Patron of the arts, sources from the series and treatises on the Middle Rhine Church History: Mainz, 1972 (Download)

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