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Deed book of the ancient Saxon Franciscan provinces

The largest province of the Franciscan Order in the Middle Ages, the Saxon, the 1223 with the monastery at Hildesheim began in 120 Houses over the whole northern Germany on the Weser to the Narva was distributed.

300 Years she has at the church- History and culture had a large share of our home; Some priests have as a preacher and writer, as university professors and Auxiliary Bishops, acted as a confidant of the royal council and the people.

With these two works, several members of the Saxon and Silesian province have taken this part of history in attack and all combined into one document work, in which the archives were compiled and printed works in many scattered documents and letters.

Rules apply as for the work:

The area is among the provinces according Custodies 6 Staff distributed. Everyone gives the Regesten its territory separated out after Custodies. The book starts from the founding charter of the province until the abolition of the monasteries, or. to the re-establishment of “Sanctae Cross Province”. It takes all the documents and letters to, which “Saxonia, Saxonia superior, Saxony Lower Saxony und Sanctae Crucis”, and relate to the monasteries of the Poor Clares and Tertiaries in these areas. Of the already gedrucken documents and letters are usually given only Regesten.

The first 100 Are the busiest time before the founding of the Custody of the introduction and observance of the Franciscan monastery in Riga alone. They span the years 1238-1460. During this time, the monastery belonged to the first Danish province of the order; 1281 We find it under the jurisdiction of the provincial ministers and the Saxon Prvinciale lined it to 1340 among the monasteries of the Custody of Lübeck.

Among the 12 Custodies the great Saxon Franciscan Custody of the Province of Prussia was the smallest. Berg and Brown belonged to the diocese of Warmia Wartenburg. Thorn and Kulm came 1466 an Polen. Neuchatel and Gdansk were in the Duchy of Pomerania.


Lemmens, Leonhard: Deed book of the ancient Saxon Franciscan provinces, Dusseldorf : The. Schwann, 1913 Bd. 1 and Bd. 2

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