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Biographical memorials

Karl August Varnhagen von Ense (* 21. 2.1785 in Dusseldorf; † 10. 10. 1858 in Berlin) was a German chronicler, Narrator, Biograph, Member of the Frankfurt Parliament, Diarist and diplomat. He also made the following “Biographical memorials”, all of which are available for download.

The last Count of Holstein-Schauenburg

Otto VI., Count of Schauenburg (Schaumburg) and Pinneberg, the latter of which he 1635 fell to, was 1616 Born and counted with his passing on 15. November 1640 only 24 Years. He was the last scion of the old Count House, from which the Duke of Schleswig-Holstein and 1459 Christian I., King of Denmark had emerged. As a boy he has his father Georg Hermann, have lost the youngest of four or five brothers; for the year 1631 We see him under guardianship of his paternal uncle and foster father, of Count[...]

Retrospective digitization of the University of Bielefeld – Journals of the Enlightenment about genealogy

My constant search to find interesting books about genealogy is today rewarded again. In addition I've directory "retrospective digitization of scientific review bodies and literary journals of the 18. and 19. Jh. from the German-speaking world "chosen, which is available on the website of the University of Bielefeld. The source material is scattered in various libraries, making it difficult to access in the past. The result obtained is as extensive, I can only imagine a taste of it and all of the researchers recommend, To narrow your search. Some of the families[...]