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The descendants of the Chancellor, Dr. Gregory of bridge


About the family of Dr. Gregory of bridge we infer from the German nobility Glossary of Kneschke in Volume II page 95 The following notes: The bridge is a family-Saxon nobility, the ancestor of the famous, Emperor Charles V. is raised to the peerage Chancellor Gregor Brück of. Apart from the nobility, he had the goods Niemegk, Borstendorf, Gräfenheinichen Mädersdorf and brought to the tribe, and by two sons (Gregor and Christian) continuing.

History of the University of Wittenberg

The inspiration for this work was the University of Halle. Once before, the attempt has been made, the University of Wittenberg methodically to bring history to display, by the local professor of philosophy, Johann Christian August Grohmann, in the years 1801 and 1802 in view of the third centenary of the establishment “Annals of the University of Wittenberg” published in three volumes has. They range from the foundation up to the year 1733, why in the last part will complement some reflections on the scientific status of the university itself. Eine wirkliche Universitätsgeschichte aber bietet  [...]

News from the castle which stands in the family of solvers

The castle Pretzsch, Located in the former Kurkreis Saxony on the Elbe between Torgau and Wittenberg, and is therefore already become famous, because the widow's Elector Johann Georg IV, Eleanor Louise Erdmuthe and Queen Christiane Eberhardine served as staging. First traces believed in the name “Pretokina” found to have, it can be assumed with certainty but, that the name is very old Wendish origin, thus. The first owners were the brothers Magnus solver and Betram of Rehfeld, von denen der Erstere zuerst das  [...]

The Prussians at the University of Wittenberg

As the birthplace of the Reformation was at the University of Wittenberg 18. October 1502 open. This book is about the people of this “Reformation a century” their matriculation be printed. 568 Prussian students have visited in this period the University of Wittenberg.