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The Drachenfels presented with a historical pedigree of Viscount of Drachenfels


Those: Shell, George: The Drachenfels and its immediate environs illustrated history : with some romantic legends of the pagan past and from the flower of chivalry; according to the best sources, with a pedigree of Viscount of Drachenfels, the year 1455 to 1817, Bonn: Come to hawk. 1835 Other literature: History of Castles, Manors, Abbeys and monasteries in the Rhineland and the provinces of Jülich, Cleve, Berg and Westphalia / 1 Mering, Frederick Everhard of ; Weyden, Seriously, Cologne : Arend, 1833 Drachenfels, Schloß und Burggrafschaft mit  [...]