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Die Prestinari: Italian immigrants of 17. and 18. Century in Germany

At the turn of 17. and 18. Century a strong immigration of Italians in Germany. There were some craftsmen, especially skilled workers in the field of construction (Builder, Plasterers, Painters and chimney) There were also merchants and traders (Tropical fruit) They came from many prestigious, even the country's aristocratic families belonging to northern Italy, the result of warlike complications and difficult economic conditions in their own home did not have satisfactory income. They started in Germany, often with minimal resources, but brought it through their ability often in a very short time[...]

Occupation 1919-1930 Trier


The occupation of the Rhineland was the direct consequence of the abandonment of the struggle on the part of the army command and the subsequent cease-fire. The collapse of Russia by the outbreak of the second revolution in November 1917, which the Bolsheviks were the rule, and the peace of Brest in March 1918 brought no tangible relief to the Western Front. With the 11. November began the ebb of the German armies from the West. At the 13. the first closed meeting troop trains in Trier, There were the soldiers of the 3. Army of the Argonne. Am  [...]