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I Gunzelin. by Hagen Graf von Schwerin, the first and the story of its origin


Historical study of the origin and Gunzelins the tribal community with the nobles of Hagen in office Salder, reminders of the men and Meinersen. The History of Hagen at Elme and at the upper Aller, the nobles of Warberg direct descendants, History of Burghagen and research findings on the coat of arms Community Counts of Schwerin, and the nobles of Warberg.

The Heimburg the resin and its first dynasty of the Lord of Heimburg


By the mid- 12. Century, the castle was owned by the Duke Heinrich (the lion) of Saxony, descended from the tribe of Guelph. To that conclusion, it comes with a certificate of 1143, in which a “ministerialis the Heimenburgk” called. The year 1143 Duke Henry was a significant year, was closed because of the Reichstag held in Goslar finally peace between the Guelphs and Hohenstaufen.

Records and research on the history of sex Behr


It is often told, that the German Behr family of the Italian noble family descended Ursini or Orsini, no doubt because it was the name bear a translation of Ursini. Charlemagne is a brave warrior from the Italian family of Ursini in a battle axes 783 have a good gift in the newly established Diocese of Osnabrück and called the same Bärenau.

The Wittelsbach

Graf Otto V. was of Wittelsbach of Emperor Henry V. as its “Faithful and relative” for his service on the Rome trip invested with many imperial estates and entrusted with the dignity of Count Palatine – just the Reich Office – the once been owned by the family was. This was the first pledge for the regaining of the old power. The eponymous son of Count Palatine Otto was the childhood friend of Duke Frederick of Swabia, the 1152 The prince raised to the German throne. Now when these as his[...]